Staff at ICO

Contact the ICO
+44 (0) 20 7612 0600    
Library/Information email: library [at] ico [dot] org  
Press email: press [at] ico [dot] org  
Finance & Administration email: info [at] ico [dot] org  

 Office of the Executive Director

  • Robério Oliveira Silva, Executive Director
  • Hamida Ebrahim, Personal Assistant


  • Marcela Urueña, Head of Operations
  • Claire Selden, Secretariat Officer
  • Denis Seudieu, Chief Economist
  • Christoph Sänger, Senior Economist
  • Thomas Copple, Economist
  • Malcolm Munt, Statistics (Exports)
  • Maria Rosa Lavrencic, Statistics (Imports)
  • Pascale Deschamp, Statistical Assistant
  • Vicente Partida III, Communications Officer
  • Darcio De Camillis, Librarian
  • Mirella Glass, Documents Officer
  • Ana Maria Mackay, Documents (Spanish)
  • Vanessa Cacere, Documents (Portuguese)
  • Jonas Tiero, Documents (French)

Administration and Finance

  • David Moorhouse, Head of Finance and Administration
  • Patricia Hurtado, Office Manager
  • Sean Garden, Finance and IT Officer
  • Nicola Doyle, Finance Assistant 
  • Kevin Buckley, Reprographics Operator
  • Sam Ade-Jones, Reception
  • Maxwell Shee, Reception