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Download ICO's Annual Review 2013/14

The ICO's latest annual review was presented at the 114th session of the International Coffee Council on 02 march 2015. Click here to view and download the publication>>

Coffee Market Report February 2015: Coffee Slumps to One-Year Low Despite Global Deficit Forecast

February saw the downward trend in the coffee market over the last few months continue. The ICO composite daily price dropped to a low of just under $1.30, more than 50 cents less than its most recent peak of 185.09 in October 2014. Despite this downward pressure on prices, world production is expected to come to 142 million bags in crop year 2014/15, 4.6 million less than 2013/14 and its lowest level in three years. This puts the coffee market into a deficit for the current year, although stocks in exporting countries have so far allowed exports to continue at a strong pace. Read the February 2015 Coffee Market Report on our blog>>

Coffee Trade Statistics - January 2015

World coffee exports amounted to 8.79 million bags in January 2015, compared with 8.77 million bags in January 2014. Read more about global coffee exports for the month of January 2015 on our blog>>

Head of Operations Participates in African Sustainability Forum

This month saw the crucial and complex issue of access to agricultural finance pushed onto the coffee sector’s agenda by a group of key coffee stakeholders. Read more on our blog>>

Invitation to 5th Consultative Forum on Coffee Sector Finance

The Executive Director has the pleasure of inviting ICO Members, Private Sector Consultative Board (PSCB) associations and observers to the 5th Consultative Forum on Coffee Sector Finance. Details on the 5th Forum page>>

The World Needs African Coffee, Says ICO Executive Director at AFCA 2015

The Executive Director of the ICO travelled to Nairobi, Kenya, to attend the 12th African Fine Coffee Conference & Exhibition hosted by the African Fine Coffees Association (AFCA). He was accompanied by ICO’s Head of Operations, Mr Mauricio Galindo, and ICO’s Chief Economist, Mr Denis Seudieu. Read more on the ICO Blog>>

Photo: Specialty Coffee Associations of America and Europe at ICO

Executive Director Robério Oliveira Silva with leadership from the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) at ICO’s offices in London. View the photo on the ICO Blog>>

Statement by ICO's Executive Director at AFCA 2015

Mr Robério Oliveira Silva delivered opening remarks at the 12th African Fine Coffee Conference & Exhibition in Nairobi Kenya. Read his speech on our blog and let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #AFCA2015. Click to read the speech>>

What We're Reading at the ICO - Dec. 2014/Jan. 2015

We are starting the new year with a joint December 2014/January 2015 blog post on what our staff and our friends are reading in the world of coffee. Read the list.

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Coffee Leaf Rust outbreak

The current epidemic of coffee leaf rust affecting all countries of the region with a 53% incidence is the worst seen since this pest appeared in Central America in 1976.

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ICO Indicator prices
(US cents/lb)  02/03/2015
ICO Composite 127.73 -1.4%
Colombian Milds 154.94 -1.6%
Other Milds 160.20 -1.2%
Brazilian Naturals 132.64 -1.9%
Robustas 95.04 -1.1%

4th Consultative Forum on #CoffeeSectorFinance

The 4th Consultative Forum was held in London on 23 September 2014. The event was open to ICO Members, civil society, financial institutions, development professionals, and other actors in the coffee industry. Details>>

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