Global Coffee Events

The following list of events are submissions by ICO Members and Observers. To find more complete lists of coffee events taking place around the world, visit the website of one of our media partners below. 







7th India International Coffee Festival

Bengaluru, India

15-21 January

1st Pu'er International Specialty Coffee Expo 2018

Pu'er City - Yunnan Province, China

29-31 January

16th African Fine Coffees Association Conference & Exhibition

Kampala, Uganda

14-16 February

2nd International Conference in Climate Change

Colombo, Sri Lanka

15-16 February

Annual meeting of the Inter-American Development Bank

Mendoza, Argentina

22-25 March

Specialty Coffee Association 

Seattle, USA

19-22 April

6th Festicoffee & 5th Conference of the Agency for Robusta Coffee of Africa and Madagascar (ACRAM)

Yaoundé, Cameroon


Annual meeting of the Asian Development Bank

Manila, Philippines

3-6 May

XXII Seminário Internacional do Café

Guarujá, Brazil

9-10 May

53rd Annual Meeting of the African Development Bank

Busan City, Republic of Korea

21-25 May

4th International Contest of Coffees Roasted in their countries of origin AVPA

Paris, France


Speciality Coffee Association

Amsterdam, Netherlands

19-21 June

International Coffee Day


1 October

COTECA (Coffee Tea Cocoa/Global Industry Expo)

Hamburg, Germany

10-12 October

9th Trieste Espressor Expo

Trieste, Italy

25-27 October