Mr. Pablo Dubois made a presentation at a meeting of the CTD on 11 May 2006

11 May 2006

At the World Trade Organizationís Sixth Ministerial Conference in Hong Kong in December 2005, the Committee on Trade and Development (CTD) was instructed, within its mandate, to intensify its work on commodity issues in cooperation with other relevant international organizations and to report regularly to the WTO's General Council with possible recommendations. In this context, the Committee agreed on 3 March 2006 to invite the ICO to make a presentation. In response to this request the Head of Operations, Mr. Pablo Dubois, made a presentation on the characteristics of the coffee market and the work of the ICO at a meeting of the CTD on 11 May 2006.

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(US cents/lb)  13/08/2018
ICO Composite 104.65 -0.5%
Colombian Milds 132.06 -0.5%
Other Milds 128.10 -0.5%
Brazilian Naturals 107.00 -0.5%
Robustas 82.47 -0.7%

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