Changes to dissemination and publication of ICO monthly trade data

22 February 2018

Effective from 29 March 2018, the ICO will change its internal procedure with regards to monthly trade data, which covers data on exports (Arabica and Robusta) by exporting countries as well as imports and re-exports by importing countries.

Under the new policy, the complete monthly trade data will be emailed to paying subscribers on the last business day of the month at 3pm (GMT) and the summary report will be available free of charge on the ICO website at 3pm (GMT) the next business day.

ICO Indicator prices
(US cents/lb)  19/06/2018
ICO Composite 108.98 -0.4%
Colombian Milds 136.96 -0.3%
Other Milds 132.95 -0.3%
Brazilian Naturals 113.05 -0.5%
Robustas 84.96 -0.5%

Schedule of meetings - September 2018
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