Frequently Asked Questions

What is the impact of the ICO on world trade in coffee ?

The ICO facilitates improved market transparency and a more stable and healthy market through highly regarded statistical and analytical services, in-depth economic studies and regular reports on the coffee market. It contributes to better quality coffee through the Coffee Quality-Improvement Programme (CQP). The CQP is designed to improve the balance between supply and demand of coffee by stimulating demand through the provision of a better overall standard of quality to the market while reducing supply by eliminating significant quantities of sub-standard coffee. In addition, the ICO undertakes promotion activities to increase consumption of coffee. Under the 2007 Agreement, a plan for promotion and market development will promote value through quality, health, sustainability and differentiation, by building a multi]stakeholder network of partners and supporting producing countries in de]commoditizing coffee through programmes to increase income, with a particular focus on small growers, with the ICO acting as a facilitator and knowledge provider. Other activities include facilitating consultations on finance and risk management in the coffee sector and coffee development projects that help coffee producers to improve marketing and reduce damage from pests and diseases, enhancing their long-term competitiveness and prospects in the coffee economy. The ICO also facilitates in-depth debate of the short term and longer term market perspective and coffee prices based on the Secretariat's independent view.

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