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Coffee Trade Statistics - December 2014

World coffee exports amounted to 8.85 million bags in December 2014, compared with 8.83 million bags in December 2013. Read more about global coffee exports for the month of December 2014 on our blog>>

What We're Reading at the ICO - Dec. 2014/Jan. 2015

We are starting the new year with a joint December 2014/January 2015 blog post on what our staff and our friends are reading in the world of coffee. Read the list.

Coffee Market Report Dec. 2014: Market Ends 2014 at Ten Month Low

Coffee prices continued to slide downwards in December 2014, with the monthly average of the ICO composite indicator at its lowest level since February. Recent estimates from external sources, including the private sector and the USDA, have suggested that production in Brazil in crop year 2015/16 might recover relatively quickly. Read the full report on our blog>>

Rains in Brazil Dampen Market Spirits - Coffee Market Report, November 2014

Coffee prices slipped back in November, as widespread rains in Brazil curtailed any further price rises. All group indicators decreased, although this was less noticeable in the case of Robusta. According to Conab, production of Arabica in Brazil will be six million bags lower in 2014/15 compared to 2013/14; some of this deficit may be covered by the continued recovery in Colombia and improved management of coffee leaf rust in Central America, but the gap will not be totally offset. In terms of Robusta production, there have been mixed reports for Vietnam in 2014/15, but a decrease is expected in Indonesia based on recent export volumes. A preliminary estimate of world coffee production in crop year 2014/15 suggests total supply of around 141 million bags. Read the full Coffee Market Report>>

ICO Economist Delivers Lecture at SOAS University of London

On 4 December 2014, Mr Thomas Copple, Economist at ICO, presented a lecture to a group of law students at the the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London. In his presentation, he covered the history of international coffee agreements and of the ICO as well as current issues in the industry. Read more on our blog>>

New Film Spotlights Women in the World of Coffee

This December, help inspire female empowerment and entrepreneurship by seeing A Small Section of the World. The film is an inspirational story about a group of women from a remote farming region of Costa Rica whose ideas sparked a revolution in the coffee growing world. Directed by Lesley Chilcott, Producer of Waiting for “Superman” and An Inconvenient Truth. Watch the trailer on our blog>>

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Coffee Leaf Rust outbreak

The current epidemic of coffee leaf rust affecting all countries of the region with a 53% incidence is the worst seen since this pest appeared in Central America in 1976.

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ICO Indicator prices
(US cents/lb)  29/01/2015
ICO Composite 143.09 -3.3%
Colombian Milds 176.49 -3.9%
Other Milds 181.59 -3.8%
Brazilian Naturals 155.40 -4.2%
Robustas 98.47 -1.1%

4th Consultative Forum on #CoffeeSectorFinance

The 4th Consultative Forum was held in London on 23 September 2014. The event was open to ICO Members, civil society, financial institutions, development professionals, and other actors in the coffee industry. Details>>

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