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Coffee Trade Statistics - October 2014

World coffee exports amounted to 8.88 million bags in October 2014, compared with 8.84 million in October 2013. Read more about global coffee exports for the month of September 2014 on our blog>>

Guatemalan Officials Visit the ICO

HE Ambassador Mr Asisclo Valladares, Ambassador of Guatemala in London, and HE Ambassador Mr Carlos Raúl Morales Moscoso, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala, paid a courtesy visit to the ICO today to meet with Mr Robério Oliveira Silva, Executive Director at ICO. See the photo on our blog>>

Official Visit from El Salvador

Mr Alfonso Goitia, Coordinator of Advisors at the Ministry of Economy of El Salvador, paid a courtesy visit to the ICO today to meet with Mr Robério Oliveira Silva, Executive Director at ICO. Mr Goitia was accompanied by HE Ambassador Mr Werner Matías Romero, Ambassador of El Salvador in London, and Ms Rosella Badía, Minister Counsellor for Economic Relations and International Organizations. See a photo of the meeting on our blog>>

Video: World Coffee Leaders Forum 2014

Mr Robério Oliveira Silva, Executive Director of the ICO, delivered the keynote speech at World Coffee Leaders Forum 2014 in Seoul, South Korea. In his speech, Mr Silva stressed that a key threat to the sustainability of the global coffee industry is the environmental and economic vulnerability of farmers. Watch the video on our blog>>

ICO’s Head of Operations Attends 1st Lao Coffee Festival

Mauricio Galindo, Head of Operations at ICO, visited the Lao People’s Democratic Republic on the occasion of the 1st Lao Coffee Festival. Mr Galindo delivered a speech on production and consumption trends in the global coffee industry as well as climate-related challenges farmers are facing around the world. In light of current discussions that Lao may join the International Coffee Organization, he also presented a brief history of the ICO and the benefits of becoming a Member country. Read more on our blog>>

Coffee Market Report Oct. 2014: October Coffee Prices Highest In Over Two Years

Coffee prices soared higher at the beginning of the month, with the ICO composite price gaining 15 cents in just 6 days, but rains in Brazil drove prices lower, finishing the month below where they started. Nevertheless, the average monthly price for October is the highest in over two and a half years. At the end of coffee year 2013/14, total exports reached 111.3 million bags, slightly down compared to 2012/13, but the second highest level on record. Despite the drought, exports from Brazil have continued to exceed their levels of a year ago. Read the full Coffee Market Report on our blog>>

21st Meeting Between the Common Fund for Commodities and International Commodity Bodies

The International Coffee Organization (ICO) hosted the 21st meeting between the Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) and the International Commodity Bodies at its offices in London on 27 October 2014. Read more on our blog>>

ICO’s Executive Director Delivers Speech at 3rd Annual Ethiopian Coffee Conference

The Executive Director of the ICO, Mr Robério Oliveira Silva, is presently on an official visit to Ethiopia. This morning he delivered a speech at the 3rd Annual Ethiopian Coffee Conference, opened by His Excellency Dr Mulatu Teshome, President of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Read more on our blog>>

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Coffee Leaf Rust outbreak

The current epidemic of coffee leaf rust affecting all countries of the region with a 53% incidence is the worst seen since this pest appeared in Central America in 1976.

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ICO Indicator prices
(US cents/lb)  27/11/2014
ICO Composite 164.73 0.0%
Colombian Milds 209.77 +0.1%
Other Milds 212.72 -0.2%
Brazilian Naturals 184.38 +0.1%
Robustas 104.56 +0.1%

4th Consultative Forum on #CoffeeSectorFinance

The 4th Consultative Forum was held in London on 23 September 2014. The event was open to ICO Members, civil society, financial institutions, development professionals, and other actors in the coffee industry. Details>>

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