1st October 2015 is International Coffee Day

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Celebrate coffee on 1st October

1 October 2015 is International Coffee Day. Celebrate with the 75 Member States of the ICO and dozens of coffee associations from around the world. Visit www.internationalcoffeeday.org to find events near you.

International Coffee Day is a celebration of the coffee sector’s diversity, quality and passion. It is an opportunity for coffee lovers to share their love of the beverage and support the millions of farmers whose livelihoods depend on the aromatic crop.


Many countries around the world celebrate their own national coffee days at various dates throughout the year. In March 2014, the Member States of the ICO agreed to organise the first International Coffee Day on 1 October 2015 to create a single day of celebration for coffee lovers around the world.

Get Involved

As part of the celebrations, the ICO has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Oxfam to collaborate on a campaign focused around the concept of a ‘caffè sospeso’, an Italian tradition of paying for a second cup of coffee to be given to a person in need. The charity campaign entitled a ‘Caffè Sospeso Against Poverty’, will give coffee lovers around the world an opportunity to show solidarity with smallholder coffee farmers by donating the value of an additional cup of coffee to Oxfam’s work with such farmers via an online platform. 

Coffee lovers can get involved by planning events in their own communities like coffee tastings, coffee shop visits, and lectures, for example. 

How will you celebrate the first International Coffee Day? Find an event near you or submit details about an event or campaign you are planning on the official website.