Monthly Coffee Market Report January 2014

5 February 2014

Coffee prices surged higher in January, with the monthly average of the ICO composite indicator price at its highest level in four months. The recent publication of official Brazilian production estimates for crop year 2014/15, which is due to start in April, suggests that output could fall for the second consecutive crop year, giving an initial forecast of between 46.53 and 50.15 million bags. This uncertainty over the
2014/15 crop, exacerbated by notably dry weather in some coffee-producing regions, has given support to coffee prices over the last month.

cmr-0114-e.pdf Further Information (PDF File)
ICO Indicator prices
(US cents/lb)  30/05/2016
ICO Composite 117.72 +0.1%
Colombian Milds 141.12 0.0%
Other Milds 151.56 0.0%
Brazilian Naturals 125.79 0.0%
Robustas 83.80 +0.1%

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