DVDs/Videos available from the Library

The Story of Coffee - 8 minutes
The film begins by spotlighting the regions of production and goes on to provide a detailed description of the harvesting, drying, grading and sorting of coffee, and how it is bagged, shipped and roasted, before finally focusing on the tasting process.

A Labour of Love - 17 minutes
Leads the viewer through the steps of cultivating, harvesting, processing and sorting gourmet, or specialty coffees. Emphasis is placed on the extra care and labour intensiveness required to produce a top quality coffee.

As You Like It  - 17 minutes
Examines the history of coffee, its discovery and popularization, profiling some of the different types of consumer worldwide. Highlights coffee’s economic significance as a commodity and goes on to describe in detail the production process.

All 3 films are available on a single DVD at a cost of £50.00 per copy.

Payment should be made by cash or by sterling cheque drawn on a UK bank in favour of "International Coffee Organization" or by a transfer to the Organization's bank account. For further information please contact: library@ico.org.